The Secret To Start Earning Passive Income – Affiliate Marketing

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Aside from being a freelancer using your best skills and you want to work at home to earn passive income, I recommend doing Affiliate Marketing. The secret to start earning passive income is doing Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing focused on CPA (Cost per Action) model where the merchant pays to publishers and affiliate marketing network for the desired “Action” acquired by publishers’ marketing efforts.

An “Action” can be a sale of online goods or service, a lead such as user registration, a call, a download or any other desired customer actions which are traceable.

Why I Recommend Affiliate Marketing

  1. It is the easy way to start making money online.
  2. Easy to join.
  3. Beginner friendly.
  4. Very flexible work hours.
  5. You don’t need to have your own products to sale.

The Best Affiliate Training Platform – Wealthy Affiliate

I know you are having lots of questions in your mind. Some of you experience ONLINE SCAM and disappointment. So depressing, wasting your time, efforts and money to build and start an online business.

Trust me, Wealthy Affiliate will change your perception of online business! It is the #1 platform to guide you as an Affiliate Marketer. It is the only platform giving you a free starter membership that lasts for seven days. In this period, you can check out new things until you understand all the essential tools for running an online business and become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

I am 100% sure you will enjoy being a Wealthy Affiliate member! You will be thirsty to learn all the training and tools it offers. Everyone in the community is so supportive and helps you to answer your questions about the process and training. You will feel at home to be in the community uplifting each other for you to motivate you to reach your goal and be a successful Affiliate Marketer.

After the starter free membership ends, you have to upgrade for Premium membership.

Upgrading to Premium Membership

Below is the comparison of starter free membership to premium membership:


If within 7 days you upgrade in Premium Membership fee, they are given BONUSES!

  1. Getting 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)!
  2. Getting personal and private access to Kyle and Carson! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns.
  3. Getting “Diamond Traffic Bonus“! I know you are wondering what it is, that’s for you to find out the other “hidden treasure” that can help you with your Online Business.

Aside from Kyle Bonuses, a lot of advantages to why you need to upgrade your membership to Premium.

  1. Platform giving unlimited resources of income. More than 500 million products available to promote. You just need to link the companies to your content and website through you own affiliate link.
  2. Continuous learning. There is never ending learning from the training that they are giving to members. You will have access to the industry’s most sophisticated training environment.
  1.  Weekly live interactive classes
  2.  Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  3. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
  4. Community training
  5. Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)
    1. Starter members – 2 classroom
    2. Premium members – 12 classrooms

Included in Membership

  1. 24/7 365 Help – You can interact, connect and reach out for help from WA members where you are in the world.
  2. Mentoring and Support – From the founder Kyle and Carson to experienced and successful online business entrepreneurs. You have UNLIMITED access to them as a Premium member.
  3. Ambassadorship Program Access – In the WA community you are encouraged to help each other. Rendering help to others will help you to rank in Ambassador. Your perks too associated with helping others will climb as well. A Premium member can participate to “pay it forward” Ambassador program.
  4. Affiliate Programs Platform – In this program you can have unlimited access to affiliate merchants that you can use and promote. You can communicate directly to affiliate managers and owners. I know this will be your favorite perks to earn passive income.
  5. Las Vegas Incentive – If you the whole year you reach $300.00 unique referrals from starter membership upgrading to Premium membership, you will be invited to the next Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas.

What the benefits of going to Vegas?

  1. Private meeting with Kyle & Carson
  2. Flight Expenses covered (Up to $600)
  3. Fully paid Hotel Accommodation
  4. Four days Day Interactive Conference
  5. Entertainment on the Vegas show and many more to enjoy!

In addition to this program, if you reach sales to $3,000.00 you will receive VIP treatment Vegas. Awesome benefits you will experience!

What benefits would you enjoy?

  1. Fully paid flight expenses
  2. Rolls Royce on the go to pick you up in the airport.
  3. Fully paid Hotel Accommodation
  4. Four days Interactive Conference
  5. VIP treatment and access in Entertainment on the Vegas show

Are you amazed with perks ?! So, what are you waiting for? Make an action and start to begin your Wealthy Affiliate journey! Register for FREE in Starter Memberships now!

Powerful Tools

As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member you can access all the powerful tools you needed to start your online business.

1. Website

For Starter – 1 website

For Premium – 10 website

2. Premium SiteRubix Hosting

For members who became Premium members before March 16th:

Number of Domains – 25

Number of Free Websites 25

3. Jaaxy Lite for key word research

4. SitePlus+

5. PageSpeed Insight

Membership Fee

The new pricing at Wealthy Affiliate after May 11, 2020:

Premium Yearly = $495 per year

Premium Monthly = $49 per month

Premium Monthly Offer on First month = $19 First Month

The new Premium Yearly is $495 per year PERKS which include:

1. A free .com Domain.  In upgrading, you will get domain credits for a .com domain.

2. $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the Site Comments/ Site Feedback platforms to get engagement on your website, and website audits.

3. $93 discount on paying month to month (Essentially buying 10 months, getting 2 months free).

4. Kyle’s Diamond Traffic Bonus.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate way to build a sustainable online business. Thousands of success stories you can read and be amazed how Wealthy Affiliate equip them to be successful Online Entrepreneurs. A secret has been revealed to be a successful Affiliate Marketer and in Online business. Wealth Affiliate is not a platform for “get-rich-quick schemes”. You have to work hard for your Online Business. You have to be resourceful, continue learning, improve and update your website. Your online business will grow! Start to sign-up and discover more secrets for you to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Thanks for hanging out with me! I enjoy helping our readers achieve their passive income goals. I will love to assist and guide you, if you have questions and inquiries to Wealthy Affiliate the comment section is just scroll away.



  1. Great post, Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn online and wealthy affiliate is a great site to earn and learn from, am a member of wealthy affiliate and i have learnt and earned a lot since i joined, and since then i have been recommending it to most of my friends, and just as you rightly said it is easy to join, beginners friendly and flexible working hours which explains the reasons why most people are into it…Thanks for the information.

    • Indeed, it give a lot of opportunities to everyone to grow in Online Business and equip people to stay in the competitive of Online world.

  2. Hi and thanks for a great review. I have experienced Wealthy Affiliate from the inside for a while now and it is going very well. The community is extremely helpful. There are frequent discussions on technical problems running websites, specific issues with affiliate programs, and just very helpful tips about what improves Google ranking and what can work against getting good ranking for your site and content. I don’t think you will find this level of engagement and community helpfulness anywhere else. The COVID situation has in many respects created somewhat ideal circumstances to get stuck into building out an authority website which is what the focus of Wealthy Affiliate is all about, though there are many routes to online success. I thoroughly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who may be reading this and may be wondering whether to take the plunge. Come on in, the water is fine:-), Best regards, Andy 

  3. Thanks for sharing a great article to read that will help many to know more why Wealthy Affiliate is the best online place to learn how to create a website to make a passive income.

    I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate about 5 years ago and I learned how to create my first free website as I was doing the training.

    Being part of this great community helped me to learn everything I needed to create my own website with affiliate marketing and today it’s working great, I’m making a full income from it and everyday it works better!

  4. There are a lot of scams on the internet but Affiliate marketing is one of the genuine ways of making money online. Of all the affiliate marketing programs Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best. Yes I agree with you the training at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, the community very helpfull. You will learn all the tricks of affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for this review. I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is a good community to start with doing Affiliate Marketing. It gives you all the trainings to equip you to be successful in online business. Thank you also for your time reading my post.

  5. Hi, I’ve read your article “The Secret To Start Earning Passive Income – Affiliate Marketing”.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn online and Wealthy Affiliate is a great site to learn from, I don’t think you will find this level of engagement and community helpfulness anywhere else.

    I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who reads this.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Congratulations! keep going!

    • Thank you for your time reading my post. I want to spread the news about what Wealthy Affiliate can do.

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