The Secret To Start Earning Passive Income – Affiliate Marketing

Aside from being a freelancer using your best skills and you want to work at home to earn passive income, I recommend doing Affiliate Marketing. The secret to start earning passive income is doing Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing focused on CPA (Cost per Action) model where the merchant pays to publishers and affiliate marketing network for the desired “Action” acquired by publishers’ marketing efforts.

An “Action” can be a sale of online goods or service, a lead such as user registration, a call, a download or any other desired customer actions which are traceable.

Why I Recommend Affiliate Marketing

  1. It is the easy way to start making money online.
  2. Easy to join.
  3. Beginner friendly.
  4. Very flexible work hours.
  5. You don’t need to have your own products to sale.

The Best Affiliate Training Platform – Wealthy Affiliate

I know you are having lots of questions in your mind. Some of you experience ONLINE SCAM and disappointment. So depressing, wasting your time, efforts and money to build and start an online business.

Trust me, Wealthy Affiliate will change your perception of online business! It is the #1 platform to guide you as an Affiliate Marketer. It is the only platform giving you a free starter membership that lasts for seven days. In this period, you can check out new things until you understand all the essential tools for running an online business and become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

I am 100% sure you will enjoy being a Wealthy Affiliate member! You will be thirsty to learn all the training and tools it offers. Everyone in the community is so supportive and helps you to answer your questions about the process and training. You will feel at home to be in the community uplifting each other for you to motivate you to reach your goal and be a successful Affiliate Marketer.

After the starter free membership ends, you have to upgrade for Premium membership.

Upgrading to Premium Membership

Below is the comparison of starter free membership to premium membership:


If within 7 days you upgrade in Premium Membership fee, they are given BONUSES!

  1. Getting 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)!
  2. Getting personal and private access to Kyle and Carson! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns.
  3. Getting “Diamond Traffic Bonus“! I know you are wondering what it is, that’s for you to find out the other “hidden treasure” that can help you with your Online Business.

Aside from Kyle Bonuses, a lot of advantages to why you need to upgrade your membership to Premium.

  1. Platform giving unlimited resources of income. More than 500 million products available to promote. You just need to link the companies to your content and website through you own affiliate link.
  2. Continuous learning. There is never ending learning from the training that they are giving to members. You will have access to the industry’s most sophisticated training environment.
  1.  Weekly live interactive classes
  2.  Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  3. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
  4. Community training
  5. Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)
    1. Starter members – 2 classroom
    2. Premium members – 12 classrooms

Included in Membership

  1. 24/7 365 Help – You can interact, connect and reach out for help from WA members where you are in the world.
  2. Mentoring and Support – From the founder Kyle and Carson to experienced and successful online business entrepreneurs. You have UNLIMITED access to them as a Premium member.
  3. Ambassadorship Program Access – In the WA community you are encouraged to help each other. Rendering help to others will help you to rank in Ambassador. Your perks too associated with helping others will climb as well. A Premium member can participate to “pay it forward” Ambassador program.
  4. Affiliate Programs Platform – In this program you can have unlimited access to affiliate merchants that you can use and promote. You can communicate directly to affiliate managers and owners. I know this will be your favorite perks to earn passive income.
  5. Las Vegas Incentive – If you the whole year you reach $300.00 unique referrals from starter membership upgrading to Premium membership, you will be invited to the next Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas.

What the benefits of going to Vegas?

  1. Private meeting with Kyle & Carson
  2. Flight Expenses covered (Up to $600)
  3. Fully paid Hotel Accommodation
  4. Four days Day Interactive Conference
  5. Entertainment on the Vegas show and many more to enjoy!

In addition to this program, if you reach sales to $3,000.00 you will receive VIP treatment Vegas. Awesome benefits you will experience!

What benefits would you enjoy?

  1. Fully paid flight expenses
  2. Rolls Royce on the go to pick you up in the airport.
  3. Fully paid Hotel Accommodation
  4. Four days Interactive Conference
  5. VIP treatment and access in Entertainment on the Vegas show

Are you amazed with perks ?! So, what are you waiting for? Make an action and start to begin your Wealthy Affiliate journey! Register for FREE in Starter Memberships now!

Powerful Tools

As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member you can access all the powerful tools you needed to start your online business.

1. Website

For Starter – 1 website

For Premium – 10 website

2. Premium SiteRubix Hosting

For members who became Premium members before March 16th:

Number of Domains – 25

Number of Free Websites 25

3. Jaaxy Lite for key word research

4. SitePlus+

5. PageSpeed Insight

Membership Fee

The new pricing at Wealthy Affiliate after May 11, 2020:

Premium Yearly = $495 per year

Premium Monthly = $49 per month

Premium Monthly Offer on First month = $19 First Month

The new Premium Yearly is $495 per year PERKS which include:

1. A free .com Domain.  In upgrading, you will get domain credits for a .com domain.

2. $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the Site Comments/ Site Feedback platforms to get engagement on your website, and website audits.

3. $93 discount on paying month to month (Essentially buying 10 months, getting 2 months free).

4. Kyle’s Diamond Traffic Bonus.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate way to build a sustainable online business. Thousands of success stories you can read and be amazed how Wealthy Affiliate equip them to be successful Online Entrepreneurs. A secret has been revealed to be a successful Affiliate Marketer and in Online business. Wealth Affiliate is not a platform for “get-rich-quick schemes”. You have to work hard for your Online Business. You have to be resourceful, continue learning, improve and update your website. Your online business will grow! Start to sign-up and discover more secrets for you to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Thanks for hanging out with me! I enjoy helping our readers achieve their passive income goals. I will love to assist and guide you, if you have questions and inquiries to Wealthy Affiliate the comment section is just scroll away.


Secrets to be Successful Freelancer

Working as a freelancer brings a sense of freedom and enjoying the career path you love. Successful Freelancer can be a long process. The process of getting there is not always easy. It takes time, lots of hard work, perseverance, and consistency. Here are the basic guidelines to be consider as a Successful Freelancer:


  1. Define your goals
  2. Decide on what services you will offer.
  3. Identify your clients and market.
  4. Setting price for your services.
  5. Identifying your tools needed to be started.
  6. Business Plan.
  7. Commitments.



Define your goals

Identifying your goals gives you a direction where you are going to be a successful freelancer. Your goals will guide every decision about your business. Take time to sit down and make sure goals are achievable. It is a strong intentional action why you are doing something and how to help you get to where you want to be. Make your goal smarter:

S simple

M measurable

A attainable

R relevant

T time bound

E evaluative

R revisable

Decide on your services

Try to figure out what resonates with you based on your qualifications and area of your interest. If you have multiple skills, Identify the most and are in demand in the market. Multiple skills can be offered as your services since you are starting you need to focus on maximum 3 skills to offer for a service. As your clients grow and you already know the flow then all of them you can post. There are limitless opportunities for you to enter the marketplace and compete effectively.

Your ability to select and offer the right services to your clients or customers in a competitive market determine your success or failure. A successful freelancer begin to do self- analysis:

  1. What are the foremost skills or services you enjoy doing? At least 3.
  2. Do you like that skills can be offered or to sell?
  3. Are you excited about your services to be offered?
  4. Can you see this services for the next five years?
  5. Is this the skill services that intensely desire to the marketplace?

Identify your clients

Your customers are the lifeblood of your businesses, and if you will not take care of them might look elsewhere for other options! There are many competitors out there and the key to succeed is to develop killer customer service ethics. Be polite, helpful and refrain from responding to abusive behavior by arguing or being condescending to your customers. You do not need to convince an unsatisfied customer to like your work and be happy even if you did hard work and a good job for it. You need to learn how to deal without escalating the situation. Your reputation and credibility define how you treat your customers in both good and bad situations.

Identifying your target clients, it is easier for you to determine where and how you will market your services and why they go for your services. To be a successful freelancer you should know how to communicate and build a good relation to your clients.

Setting price for your service

If you are starting your journey as a freelancer, I recommend you start off by investing in yourself with some new skills. Charging too low doesn’t seem right and charging too high feels like you’re being too demanding. There is no rule when it comes to pricing. Things you need to consider in pricing your services are time, costs of your services and what are you giving up.

As your business grows and your expertise grows your prices should increase as well and sometimes you will outgrow your customers and that’s okay.

Identifying your tools to be used

Freelancing is like doing a business. You need to invest with yourself and tools to hit your goals. Tools for freelancer must have:

  1. Website + Portfolio – If you can’t afford to have a website, you can easily find a free Online freelancer platform check out my post Websites for Beginner Top 5 Review. I recommend Siterubix.
  2. Organizational business – these tools are used to organize your schedule and project planning.

My recommendation:

  1. Trello – consists of Boards, Lists, and Cards. In these tools you can break down all lists in each project’s own board and within the board and tasks required to complete the project. From there you can create labels for each task:
  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • For Review
  • Done

For each workflow, you can also share the boards to your clients. This makes it easy for them to see what stage you are working on and what is the progress.

  1. Google Drive – to put some of your documentation and to make all your files organized.
  2. To Do – this tool is a checklist of your to-do-list, your tasks, and appointments in a day. You can also put your plans for a week and month.
  3. WiseStamp.com – professional email signature to give information to your clients.
  4. Docracy – a tool for contract templates allows you to send and sign contracts by client as you are an independent contractor. In this way, you and your work can be protected.

Business Plan

Getting into the right direction is by taking ownership of your ideas, forming it into strategies, and taking it into action. A business plan requires you to think deeply about what you want for your future, who you want to serve, and how you are going there. A successful freelancer sets a business plan to meet your goals and help you track down how you’re freelancing changes and growth and improves what needs to develop.


A successful freelancer takes deliberate focus and attention. Focus on your daily progress. Be optimistic and patient in all aspects. Freelancing is a great way to choose for those who are dreamers and doers. A typical freelancer has TONS of ideas, but ever more passion. Passion to making them happen!

A successful freelancer knows what he or she wants and how to get here. After consistency comes growth, future plans and improvements. Don’t forget to learn new things. Don’t be afraid to learn too much. Growth is a great way to establish new goals. Everything is possible!

Can you share how you became a freelancer and there any tools you used to run your business that I didn’t include? I’d love to hear about them, so let me know below!



Most in Demand Freelancing Jobs Online

No one could have ever imagined that our lives would turn upside down since the first day when COVID-19 virus shattered the world. A midst of panic, fear and lock down due to coronavirus many of us have lost our jobs, struggling for living and some start working at home. During this lock down period, you can be productive while staying at home. In my small way, I want to share and help how people can have ideas to start freelancing jobs online.

You probably have tons of the in-demand skills already but don’t even know it. Every day many people and companies are looking for some individuals who can help and do the work for them even in online freelancing and willing to pay for it.

My post will give idea on what kind of freelancing jobs online you can offer. Anywhere in the world you can do the following most in demand freelancing jobs online.

Writing Jobs

People who do writing jobs include writing blog posts for other people, writing websites content for businesses, proofreading, and plenty of general typing jobs. A most in demand freelancing job online is copywriter and proofreading. If you can write well and put your ideas into words, then start as a freelance writer. From the start it will be difficult but with practice and experience, you can charge a good rate for your articles.

Your competitiveness depends on how strategic, systematic, reliable, you have great communication skills and confident on your write-ups.

Virtual Assistant

If you love doing administrative work then you can be a Virtual Assistant. They are the one monitoring emails, doing some data entry work, scheduling social media posts, or processing payments and chasing invoices. Your ability to organize meetups, implementing strategies and managing people.

To be a competitive Virtual Assistant, you should be reliable, have good communication skills, time management well implemented, strategic, resourceful, multitasking, and have a quality of leadership and marketing skills.

Here are some services offered by virtual assistants:

  • Email Management
  • Project Management
  • Pinterest Marketing Assistant
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Virtual Research Assistant

Design Jobs

If you are a person who is creative and loves arts, freelance design jobs can be suitable for you. They offer designing of logos, flyers, creating websites, photography and so on.

In this modern world, the graphics industry is rapidly growing due to the requirements to deliver better communication. This is a very competitive job but if you have a great online portfolio you can win lots of clients.

Designing jobs one can find in graphics industry as follows:

  1. Multimedia designer
  2. Web designer
  3. Logo designer
  4. Brand identity designer
  5. Photo Editor
  6. Layout Artist
  7. Creative Director

Your passion, being creative. problem solving, communication skills and working knowledge of computers and designing software will equip you to be more competitive. Imagine a world without graphics all are plain, black and white.


The internet has opened a replacement array of freelance translation opportunities.
New technologies have made it easier for people to succeed in specific audiences in their native tongue, therefore the internet is becoming more and more multilingual. Some articles and blog posts that need to be translated to put more detailed technical pieces. Digital technology doesn’t just stop with blogs and articles. People need games, apps, videos, social media content and digital ads that need to be translated every day.

A great freelance translator needs to have strong listening, reading comprehension and writing skills. You must be also highly skilled in communication in different styles in both the source language and the language you are translating into. You must translate as smoothly as possible but also keep it as true to the original style as possible.

Social Media Management

You have the skills and knowledge about different social media platforms. These platforms are a bit complicated and overwhelming. Around the world people are using social media to interact and grow their online business. Nowadays, celebrities and influential people hire social media managers to promote their projects, movies and events.

To grow the business online and promote you have someone to handle it. The goal is to bring more sales, more business, more connections, and so on. A person who can manage social media strategies and maintain social media accounts.

As social media manager, you are responsible for raising brand awareness, growing their audience, engaging with their audience (reply to queries and comments), running ads, and creating progress reports.

Affiliate Marketing

You will earn by commission in promoting products and services of others. Here you are the key to attract people to buy the products and services that you are promoting. There are lots of affiliate marketing platforms that you can register.

Some common examples of these networks are:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. ShareASale
  3. Awin
  4. Linkshare
  5. Clickbank.com

One of my favorite affiliate marketing networks where I am a Premium member, is Wealthy Affiliate. I will love to lead and share my experiences in the best way you can earn passive income. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliates, please click the link or the photo below and register now! I will love to welcome and guide you for your online business.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Working as a bookkeeper requires a good understanding of numbers and should be detailed oriented. All businesses need a bookkeeper. They do recording, analyzing and balancing the financial aspects of the business. Nowadays, there are so many online accounting systems or software used by some companies like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and so on. They hire bookkeepers to do the online work. The owner is giving them an account to access also the main account of their business. The details are sent to their freelance bookkeeper’s email. All details will be encoded in the software to update the recording so the owner or the end users can see the real time posting and reports that it will generate.

My experience as a virtual bookkeeper inspired me to look for more clients in online freelancing platforms as my part-time job. In your own free time, you can finish all the tasks they assigned. They are paying you in per hour work so it will not be a hassle if you are busy working in your regular job.


Your passion and strong determination to earn income anywhere you are or just staying at home keeps you to be a successful online freelancer. The important thing is that you need to be mindful of your competition. Be different. Stand out!

If you don’t know anyone who can help you, please feel free to hit me up info@onlinefreelancer.com or you can subscribe and leave an email to my website and leave your comments so I can reply you back. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to help you.


Creating Profile for Online Freelancer

Your survival to start Online Freelancing depends on how you will market yourself. Creating your profile as an online freelancer will help you to promote yourself, giving highlights to your best qualities, skills, experiences, and accomplishments. This will leave a good impression on your prospective clients.

Your profile is like a shop window where your clients are looking for the best people who will fit their needs to do a task or work to be assigned. There is no format, no right or wrong about doing your profile. Think something creative and impressive to boost up yourself to your clients. Creating the best profile is the main secret to be successful in an online freelancing career. It can help you to attract clients and give you a wide opportunity to advance your career. Are you excited to do it? Let’s start!

Project a professional image

Make sure you use professional photo of you and username. Avoid using funny nicknames, username and photos. It’s like a label of a product to attract consumers. Being professional means you are dedicated, can be trusted to do some tasks, works, or projects and seriously doing the freelancing services you are offering. Having a professional image will make a good impression to your prospective clients. As they say, first impression certainly do last!

Description of the service you offer

A freelancer knows their expertise and skills into what professional online services they can offer to clients. Creating your profile for online Freelancer is a thorough description of your services that you will offer. It’s like a menu which clients are looking at what skills and abilities you can contribute to their needs. It will be good to mention the tools that you have been using. What is your advantage to others offering this kind of service? Mentions also the deadlines you can meet and some aspects of your work. Putting some few words but powerful that clients can be attracted. Giving you a chance to work with them and rewards it. From this, you are creating trust and connecting to you prospective clients.

Some words like reliable, punctual and willing to learn can be added for detailing the values you have for freelancing services. Character values are also important to some clients.

Character Background and Education

You created the trust already to your prospective clients, all you need is the validation of what you mentioned from the description of the services you offer. In this, you have to mentioned your educational background. You need to highlight your achievements, training you have completed and anything related to your freelancing experiences. In this, your credibility is proven.

Focusing your achievements and training completed related to freelancing are effective ways capturing the attention of your prospective clients. It’s should be detailed and summarize so clients not be bored to read. It will be easier for him to access your capabilities for the assign task or work. You are now confidently present your credibility to do freelancing jobs to your clients.

Clients Testimony and Feedback

his is the validation of your past and current freelancing jobs from your clients. Of course, the positive feedback and testimony should be included in the profile. It’s add more to convince your prospective clients to see your good quality output of your freelancing jobs. It is included in your profile in some online freelancing platforms. One to maximum testimonial will be enough. Just highlights the works you have accomplished and deadlines you meet in finishing it. Short but remarkable statement is much better than a long narrative one. Your clients’ feedback and testimony validates the trust of the client’s in you.

If you don’t have clients in freelancing and just starting, it’s okay to be honest to put only the above mentioned but put some remarks that you are eager and willing to learn other tasks.


In creating a profile for an online freelancer, you don’t need to make it long and complicated on what you will input on it. The simpler, short, impressive and precise information that your clients needed is the more effective one. This will equip you to be more confident to answer back to your prospective clients inquiries. Make a profile that describes the best version of you to get attention. Make a habit also to update your profile. There is no format or template to write it but impressive, short and detailed is better.

In some websites for freelancing you don’t need much to think on what you will include. You are just instructed to fill up their forms, choosing the item that best describes you. Post your profile to different websites for freelancing to have you chances to get clients. Don’t be scared filling up the forms for your creation of a profile. Some are easy to fill up and not confusing. Yes, it takes time to finish but it is worth the wait and effort you have made for freelancing. Every hardship you made from the start will make some good outcome. Trust yourself to make it and be patient doing it.

You are now confident to do freelancing when you make a good one profile. Build a community, create a Facebook page and group, interact with people there. One person can take on A LOT, but there’s a downside in each ride and you have to have some energy reserves when that time comes! Start a small but consistent progress. It will progress your career growth, future plans and business improvements. Don’t be afraid of learning something new. Potential clients will only care about whether you can solve their problems or not. This problem-solving attitude is equally important in the first stages of as well as during the actual work. Believe in yourself that you can do it well. Stay positive, but keep a sensible view, so you don’t feel drained before the important deal starts. Constant skill development and marketing plans are important for doing online freelancing. Be strategic and willing to accept rejections too. Stay focused on the goals and dreams you want to achieve. You are already one step ahead.

I would love to hear your insights on this post, please feel free to leave your comments. I’ll see you back here soon!


5 Ways to Get Online Freelancing Job

Getting an online freelancing job is not easy as you think. You need to be creative, strategic, with perseverance and daily goal planning to achieve the freelance job that you need.For my experience it is the toughest thing to do. My morning routine would be looking for a job sites that’s offering freelancing. I took advantage of all the time I have. It wasn’t so easy. I had to take risks and face rejections too. Through hard work, persistence, proactivity and faith you will be able to get it through. We just need to think positive and never stop believing to yourself. Slow process is still progress. It’s better to try and push your limits then regretting the things you haven’t done. If you have faith to yourself then let me take you where you can explore your unlimited opportunity to learn and earn just in front of your personal computer, laptop and even smart phone. Are you ready? Let’s start!Here are the 5 Ways to Get Online Freelance Job:There are lots of ways and platforms to choose where you can get hired on Online Freelance jobs. But I recommend these 5 platforms to make you competitive to get an easy response.
  1. Keep your portfolio updated
  2. Sharing and posting your portfolio to interactive freelancing job site
  3. Filling up of application to freelancing job site
  4. Turn on your email alert and auto response.
  5. Daily planning

Keeping your portfolio updated

The first thing to do in freelancing is updating your resume or portfolio. When we are looking for clients we need to have a good impression  on them. We need to show that we are capable of specific tasks or projects to do it with good quality output. So how will we do it? Just like a resume, you need to write in words and always save it to or Google Drive, Clouds or some place we can keep that accessible anywhere we go. What we need to put? As I have said earlier, it’s like a resume. We need to put our name, educational background,  present and past work. We have to highlight our expertise or skills that can be contributed to freelancing. We can also put our achievements and  some projects accomplishments. Is it simple for you to do it? Yes I can do it! Make it simpler and not too long to read. The simpler, the better and more attractive to read.

Sharing and posting your portfolio to interactive freelancing job site

From my previous post, I have mentioned the 5 interactive freelancing job sites and each review that can be helpful for you. In addition to that, you can share your portfolio to your family or relatives, friends, friends of friends, your connections,  colleagues and past bosses. Don’t be shy to show your talents and skills with them. In some point, they can be your first client and testimonial that you do a great job! You can advertise and do posting in social media so people can reach and interact with you. Make a calling card anywhere you meet prospective clients you can easily give it to them.

Filling up of application to freelancing job site

If you want to concentrate on a freelancing job site. There are steps or processes to do it same as filling up an application form when you are applying in a big company, Just make sure that all information is accurate and not misleading to the identity of yours. In the next article that I will post, We will do a review of the top ten interactive freelancing job sites for you to help more and detail the comparison of each.

Turn on your email alert and auto response

After filling up of application, the confirmation of registration will be send to your email address that you put into the application. If you confirmed from your email now you are set in! All we need to do is to turn on your email notification and auto response to your email account. Why we need to do this? All notification and matching for your skills will be send to your email and sometimes if the clients directly email you, we need to reply as soon as possible to their email. So anytime you are not around or still doing something your auto response will handle it and notify the client right away. If you already free to reply them back please do it so. Ask what kinds of projects they want from you and how long will be the projects needed to finish. From this, we can prepare a timeline for each project you will receive from clients.

Daily planning

It is setting a daily goal, which you need to achieve within the day too. It is not easy to do. It’s like planting all the seeds and we need to wait for it to grow and have good fruits, You have to check daily the interactive freelancing job sites  and emails. You need at least to send some bidding or application for a minimum of 10 in each site. Yes! it’s hard but with your perseverance and hardwork looking for a client you can make it through. Recording timelines make it easier for you to manage your time accordingly, Figure out how much time you have per week to dedicate to your goal.


The more dedication and hardwork you put in the more probabilities to get clients. Don’t give up! You might know that you are almost there to get it. Your eagerness to change your life  might be getting an online freelancing job. You must keep motivating and push yourself to do it. Be your own boss at home. If others can do it then you are more capable of doing it. Making steps is a better way to get your goals than doing nothing and regretting it. From the start, you don’t need to compare yourself to others because you are slow getting an online freelancing job. Take it slowly but surely. It takes time to grow and wait for the outcome you have made.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback, please feel free to comment below to let me know your thoughts!