AWeber Review (2020) | Is The Best Email Marketing Platform?

In 2020, email marketing remains one of the foremost effective techniques for digital marketers, so keeping up-to-date with the most recent trends, best practice techniques, and technologies for email marketing remains extremely important. Email lists are the best way to connect with customers and a great way to boost sales.

There are a dizzying number of email service choices to pick. All seems somewhat similar in what they can do and everyone is hyping up their favorite email service. And I’m sure you don’t have the time or desire to try all of them out to see which works best for you.

For Email Services, I look for the power of Email Segmentation and Marketing Automation capabilities.

Email Segmentation is how easy to segment your list. In email marketing it allows you to tailor your emails in a more targeted way. The more you target your emails, the better engagement you will see. Most email services use tags for segmentation. It is a label you can attach to any lead. For example someone purchases a product from you, then you could tag them with a “buyers” tag.

Now you can send one set of emails to buyers with an email series on how to use the products they bought. Then another set of emails for non buyers trying to get them to try their products.

Leads in each segment you create will have a different mindset and will respond to your email differently.

Marketing Automation is all the craze lately , and permanently reason. Using little creativity, automation will save you both time and increase your conversion rates.

I also consider ease of use, pricing, extra features when I evaluate each email service, and customer support.

So, I share a review for email marketing software that helps you to have an idea of what it can do to your business.

Product Name: AWeber


AWeber is an email marketing software platform that helps entrepreneurs to create email, help them to manage the leads and automate their email marketing. It was founded in 1998 by entrepreneur Tom Kulzer.

You can make a brand, create the following knowledge, and connect with your audience and take your business to a new level.

AWeber has many features to offer to its users. The foundation of their continued success is their highly rated email deliverability and great customer support. When you send email messages to your subscriber list, you want those messages to show up in your audience’s main email inbox, not lost in limbo somewhere.

AWeber is one of the easier to use Autoresponders on the market. It allows you to control all the important steps of the email marketing process. From customizing our broadcast message to designing your  opt-in forms. They also offer useful reporting tools and analytics to help marketers understand the details of their subscriber’s activity.

Let’s have a closer look at some of its key features and benefits.


AWeber offers several powerful features that you can use to send high impact email marketing campaigns.

Here are some of them.

Customer Support

The backbone of AWeber’s appeals is its dedication to helping people to use their stuff. They are equipped with a friendly support team that’s available 24hours 7 days US based customer service. You can reach them out

via phone, live chat and email.

Furthermore, if you want to help yourself there is a large knowledge base in video walk-throughs and text tutorials.


Friendly Interface

The interface is easier to learn and get used to. The main user dashboard is clean and lists all the necessary information without being too cluttered.

Including, all the key areas of the tool like subscriber management, emails, analytics, etc. are laid out and easy to access.

Overall, the user interface is quite neat and easy to understand.

Drag and Drop Campaign Builder for Autoresponder


A very simple automations with its campaign builder. The builder allows you to create automated follow-up sequences using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Where the automations come into play is the ability to add (or remove) tags.  Tags can be automatically added to subscribers who either open an email or click specific links in an email. Based on the tags a particular subscriber has, you can create a more targeted follow-up sequence.

If you want to create an email course that’s automatically sent to your subscribers, or build a welcome sequence to educate subscribers about your products or services, you can do it using AWeber’s automation features.

Multiple Forms per list

The easiest way to turn more website visitors into subscribers is by placing attractive opt-in boxes at the key spots of your website.

AWeber makes it super easy to do that.

AWeber has been around for more than 2 decades and it’s quite likely that you have received emails from companies who’ve used their email design templates.

But they’ve added new templates over the years which means there are always new and less frequently used designs that you can choose for your campaigns

As of today, AWeber gives you more than 700 fully optimized and responsive email design templates in different industries like eCommerce, blogging, fashion, consultancy, etc.In addition, you can fully customize any template and tailor it to your brand’s requirements.Since many of its designs have been live for years, they do look outdated.But the newer templates that they’ve been adding regularly more than make up for it.In short, with AWeber, you’ll never run out of design ideas for your email campaigns.

Integrate With Your Favorite Tools and Apps

Since AWeber is one of the leaders in the email marketing industry, most CRMs, payment gateways, customer support apps, content management systems, project management tools, etc. seamlessly integrate with it.

It offers a wide range of integrations that can be accessed from your account dashboard.

Track Your Campaigns With Detailed Reporting

Analytics and reporting are key features for any email marketing tool and thankfully AWeber has this area covered for you. With these features, you can improve your websites and make strategic planning for business development.It gives you all the necessary tracking metrics like open rates, clicks, bounce rate, subscriber origin, device, etc.You can also access a number of advanced reports in the analytics section and study your audience in detail.If you’re a numbers and stats guy like me, you’ll love diving into all these reports to find unique targeting angles and identify the needs and preferences of your audience to further improve your email marketing strategy. 

Customer Referral Program

 AWeber is among the favorite email marketing tools of affiliate marketers worldwide. It does ensure that users don’t spam their subscribers but it doesn’t have overly aggressive policies towards affiliate marketers like some of the other email marketing tools.In addition, it has a pretty attractive affiliate program of its own.As an affiliate, you can promote AWeber to your audience and earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale. This means you get paid every month as long as your referral remains an AWeber customer.And that’s not all.AWeber gives you detailed promotional content you can use in your affiliate campaigns, plus a complete tracking interface for your referrals.If you have a loyal audience of your own, AWeber is a pretty neat way to make some extra cash on a regular basis.


AWeber is one of the most affordable email marketing tools right now, especially for beginner bloggers and affiliate marketers.You can start using all its features for as low as $19/month for up to 500 subscribers.

The great thing about the pricing structure of AWeber is that it gives you access to all the features even in the most basic package.The only limitation is on the number of subscribers you can have in a pricing plan.

AWeber offers FREE sign up! Yes, you read it right. It’s FREE! You can sign up if you can have up to 500 subscribers. For 501-2500 subscribers the price increases to $16.15/month (pretty reasonable). For 2501-5000 subscribers, you’re charged $49/month. It keeps increasing as the number of subscribers increases.If you think about it, this is also quite newbie-friendly since you have the opportunity to use every AWeber feature from day 1 and upgrade your package when your subscriber base grows.Overall, I find it a pretty attractive pricing structure, particularly for newbies.Plus, you can also pay quarterly or annually which gives you an even better pricing model.

Pros and Cons


  • Nice interface for creating email autoresponders.
  • Integrates with almost all popular 3rd party tools and services.
  • Very good customer support.
  • Free sign up
  • Can do affiliate marketing with it.
  • Responsive Design


  • List based system.
  • They don’t have intuitivr tagging features.
  • Templates looks outdated.
  • The RSS to email doesnt work all the time.
  • Expensive for smaller lists subscriber

The Verdict

In conclusion. AWeber has most of the key features that you are expecting for an email marketing tools. If you are beginner in email marketing, Aweber is an easy to get started. There are so many FREE Educational resources for you to help and guide in getting you email list.

You can rermain in the free plan as long as you don’t reach more than 500 subscirbers. Otherwise you would need to upgrade to the AWeber PRO. The AWeber PRO is affordable and can even save if you go annually or quarterly.

You can sign up for the AWeber FREE plan here today, click below and start building your email list.

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