Creating Profile for Online Freelancer

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Your survival to start Online Freelancing depends on how you will market yourself. Creating your profile as an online freelancer will help you to promote yourself, giving highlights to your best qualities, skills, experiences, and accomplishments. This will leave a good impression on your prospective clients.

Your profile is like a shop window where your clients are looking for the best people who will fit their needs to do a task or work to be assigned. There is no format, no right or wrong about doing your profile. Think something creative and impressive to boost up yourself to your clients. Creating the best profile is the main secret to be successful in an online freelancing career. It can help you to attract clients and give you a wide opportunity to advance your career. Are you excited to do it? Let’s start!

Project a professional image

Make sure you use professional photo of you and username. Avoid using funny nicknames, username and photos. It’s like a label of a product to attract consumers. Being professional means you are dedicated, can be trusted to do some tasks, works, or projects and seriously doing the freelancing services you are offering. Having a professional image will make a good impression to your prospective clients. As they say, first impression certainly do last!

Description of the service you offer

A freelancer knows their expertise and skills into what professional online services they can offer to clients. Creating your profile for online Freelancer is a thorough description of your services that you will offer. It’s like a menu which clients are looking at what skills and abilities you can contribute to their needs. It will be good to mention the tools that you have been using. What is your advantage to others offering this kind of service? Mentions also the deadlines you can meet and some aspects of your work. Putting some few words but powerful that clients can be attracted. Giving you a chance to work with them and rewards it. From this, you are creating trust and connecting to you prospective clients.

Some words like reliable, punctual and willing to learn can be added for detailing the values you have for freelancing services. Character values are also important to some clients.

Character Background and Education

You created the trust already to your prospective clients, all you need is the validation of what you mentioned from the description of the services you offer. In this, you have to mentioned your educational background. You need to highlight your achievements, training you have completed and anything related to your freelancing experiences. In this, your credibility is proven.

Focusing your achievements and training completed related to freelancing are effective ways capturing the attention of your prospective clients. It’s should be detailed and summarize so clients not be bored to read. It will be easier for him to access your capabilities for the assign task or work. You are now confidently present your credibility to do freelancing jobs to your clients.

Clients Testimony and Feedback

his is the validation of your past and current freelancing jobs from your clients. Of course, the positive feedback and testimony should be included in the profile. It’s add more to convince your prospective clients to see your good quality output of your freelancing jobs. It is included in your profile in some online freelancing platforms. One to maximum testimonial will be enough. Just highlights the works you have accomplished and deadlines you meet in finishing it. Short but remarkable statement is much better than a long narrative one. Your clients’ feedback and testimony validates the trust of the client’s in you.

If you don’t have clients in freelancing and just starting, it’s okay to be honest to put only the above mentioned but put some remarks that you are eager and willing to learn other tasks.


In creating a profile for an online freelancer, you don’t need to make it long and complicated on what you will input on it. The simpler, short, impressive and precise information that your clients needed is the more effective one. This will equip you to be more confident to answer back to your prospective clients inquiries. Make a profile that describes the best version of you to get attention. Make a habit also to update your profile. There is no format or template to write it but impressive, short and detailed is better.

In some websites for freelancing you don’t need much to think on what you will include. You are just instructed to fill up their forms, choosing the item that best describes you. Post your profile to different websites for freelancing to have you chances to get clients. Don’t be scared filling up the forms for your creation of a profile. Some are easy to fill up and not confusing. Yes, it takes time to finish but it is worth the wait and effort you have made for freelancing. Every hardship you made from the start will make some good outcome. Trust yourself to make it and be patient doing it.

You are now confident to do freelancing when you make a good one profile. Build a community, create a Facebook page and group, interact with people there. One person can take on A LOT, but there’s a downside in each ride and you have to have some energy reserves when that time comes! Start a small but consistent progress. It will progress your career growth, future plans and business improvements. Don’t be afraid of learning something new. Potential clients will only care about whether you can solve their problems or not. This problem-solving attitude is equally important in the first stages of as well as during the actual work. Believe in yourself that you can do it well. Stay positive, but keep a sensible view, so you don’t feel drained before the important deal starts. Constant skill development and marketing plans are important for doing online freelancing. Be strategic and willing to accept rejections too. Stay focused on the goals and dreams you want to achieve. You are already one step ahead.

I would love to hear your insights on this post, please feel free to leave your comments. I’ll see you back here soon!


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