5 Ways to Get Online Freelancing Job

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Getting an online freelancing job is not easy as you think. You need to be creative, strategic, with perseverance and daily goal planning to achieve the freelance job that you need.For my experience it is the toughest thing to do. My morning routine would be looking for a job sites that’s offering freelancing. I took advantage of all the time I have. It wasn’t so easy. I had to take risks and face rejections too. Through hard work, persistence, proactivity and faith you will be able to get it through. We just need to think positive and never stop believing to yourself. Slow process is still progress. It’s better to try and push your limits then regretting the things you haven’t done. If you have faith to yourself then let me take you where you can explore your unlimited opportunity to learn and earn just in front of your personal computer, laptop and even smart phone. Are you ready? Let’s start!Here are the 5 Ways to Get Online Freelance Job:There are lots of ways and platforms to choose where you can get hired on Online Freelance jobs. But I recommend these 5 platforms to make you competitive to get an easy response.
  1. Keep your portfolio updated
  2. Sharing and posting your portfolio to interactive freelancing job site
  3. Filling up of application to freelancing job site
  4. Turn on your email alert and auto response.
  5. Daily planning

Keeping your portfolio updated

The first thing to do in freelancing is updating your resume or portfolio. When we are looking for clients we need to have a good impression  on them. We need to show that we are capable of specific tasks or projects to do it with good quality output. So how will we do it? Just like a resume, you need to write in words and always save it to or Google Drive, Clouds or some place we can keep that accessible anywhere we go. What we need to put? As I have said earlier, it’s like a resume. We need to put our name, educational background,  present and past work. We have to highlight our expertise or skills that can be contributed to freelancing. We can also put our achievements and  some projects accomplishments. Is it simple for you to do it? Yes I can do it! Make it simpler and not too long to read. The simpler, the better and more attractive to read.

Sharing and posting your portfolio to interactive freelancing job site

From my previous post, I have mentioned the 5 interactive freelancing job sites and each review that can be helpful for you. In addition to that, you can share your portfolio to your family or relatives, friends, friends of friends, your connections,  colleagues and past bosses. Don’t be shy to show your talents and skills with them. In some point, they can be your first client and testimonial that you do a great job! You can advertise and do posting in social media so people can reach and interact with you. Make a calling card anywhere you meet prospective clients you can easily give it to them.

Filling up of application to freelancing job site

If you want to concentrate on a freelancing job site. There are steps or processes to do it same as filling up an application form when you are applying in a big company, Just make sure that all information is accurate and not misleading to the identity of yours. In the next article that I will post, We will do a review of the top ten interactive freelancing job sites for you to help more and detail the comparison of each.

Turn on your email alert and auto response

After filling up of application, the confirmation of registration will be send to your email address that you put into the application. If you confirmed from your email now you are set in! All we need to do is to turn on your email notification and auto response to your email account. Why we need to do this? All notification and matching for your skills will be send to your email and sometimes if the clients directly email you, we need to reply as soon as possible to their email. So anytime you are not around or still doing something your auto response will handle it and notify the client right away. If you already free to reply them back please do it so. Ask what kinds of projects they want from you and how long will be the projects needed to finish. From this, we can prepare a timeline for each project you will receive from clients.

Daily planning

It is setting a daily goal, which you need to achieve within the day too. It is not easy to do. It’s like planting all the seeds and we need to wait for it to grow and have good fruits, You have to check daily the interactive freelancing job sites  and emails. You need at least to send some bidding or application for a minimum of 10 in each site. Yes! it’s hard but with your perseverance and hardwork looking for a client you can make it through. Recording timelines make it easier for you to manage your time accordingly, Figure out how much time you have per week to dedicate to your goal.


The more dedication and hardwork you put in the more probabilities to get clients. Don’t give up! You might know that you are almost there to get it. Your eagerness to change your life  might be getting an online freelancing job. You must keep motivating and push yourself to do it. Be your own boss at home. If others can do it then you are more capable of doing it. Making steps is a better way to get your goals than doing nothing and regretting it. From the start, you don’t need to compare yourself to others because you are slow getting an online freelancing job. Take it slowly but surely. It takes time to grow and wait for the outcome you have made.

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  1. Great article!  I appreciate the extremely helpful information you’re providing here.  You’re obviously the go-to-person I’ve been needing on this LOL!  I’m very much looking forward to reading more content from you – keep up the good work, and thanks so much for helping people with your website. (PS – Your site looks fantastic!)

  2. Freelancing  – the ultimate dream but also as you shared must seem like a nightmare at time. Great set up in the intro – you don’t drag it out and you get to the 5 points right away. Excellent job there. I am intrigued by how practical your advice is. Daily Planning and Auto Alerts – those 2 topics hit me as so easy to overlook if you are not reminded of them.I also really enjoyed your black background and white lettering as it was easy on my eyes to read at any hour – day or night. So many websites have a screaming white background that gives me migraine. What are 7 of your top picks for websites to invest in as a freelancer to get you the most work?  What is your opinion of Fiverr?  What is your advice to anyone who is thinking about becoming a freelance writer for books, social media, or blog support?  

    • Thank you so much Allan. I really appreciate your thoughts about my article and the whole package of my website. All questions will be discuss in upcoming article. I will update you asap once it will be published.

  3. Thank you for helping someone with the courage to begin something worth-while and becoming his/her own boss. It is very true that many sit with incredible talents and skills that are sought for out there. Doing the needful by packing oneself appropriately as you outlined here is very crucial. I agree with you that one must be ready to begin small if that is what comes along first. There is always room to grow.

  4. I’m also trying to t to see what online jobs I can get to do on this lockdown, with schools closed and cases going up I really need to find some freelancing job. I once tried it and failed and completely forgot about it but later found a few emails from clients that I had missed. Will try update to update my portfolio I last did that about 2 years ago. Thanks for these great tips.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It is really helpful. Is there a strict pattern of arranging or writing your resume? One mistake I have always made is not checking my email regularly and there was this time a got a mail for a nice deal I didn’t check my mail on time and I lost the deal. Was so painful. 

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Pattern for resume, I will be glad to discuss it on my next article. 

  6. this is such a well explained article you’ve got here on five ways to get online freelancing job…I have been searching a lot for such a post but all the others were just telling not to spam this post you have here on five ways to get online frelicensing job is indeed a lifesaver to me and I do appreciate your effort in sharing it,,,

    thank you for all the information explained beautifully hope you do have a nice day ahead

  7. Interesting! Never thought of online freelancing but obviously there’s a market for it. I enjoyed reading your post and will explore your site further. Thanks!

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