5 Basic Guidelines – Online Freelancing

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Freelancing workforce has grown from 6 percent of employees in 1989 to 77 percent as of this year as full time freelancers according to study by Upworks. Independent freelancers believe that they have work – life balance since they are working independently. In another study, freelancers claimed that there are improvements in their life and experiencing health benefits.

In pandemic situation people start to find ways to earn for their living. Great opportunities come out in cyberspace which some people don’t know how to do or how they will start. Getting freelance online jobs is extremely raising during this day. You want to start a job while staying in your comfortable home and earn income to sustain your living? You know to yourself that you are ready and willing to be a Virtual Freelancer but don’t know how and where you will start.? This is the opportunity for you to learn the basic guidelines. Basically, there are 5ways you need to know about:

  1. Freelance services to offer.
  2. Freelance business planning.
  3. Impressive Freelance portfolio.
  4. Virtual Freelance job sites.
  5. Monetize


Choosing the right jobs for you to do will help you to identify what kind of freelance services you will offer.

Here is my top 5 Virtual Freelance jobs:

  1. Online Teaching ,Tutoring or Tuition
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Virtual Writer
  4. Online Marketer
  5. Virtual Bookkeeper


Like other business freelancing is like doing your own business. You need to set your time management and strategic planning to be recognized or become famous and continuously get clients.

  1. Time Management – Since freelancers work in flexible time. Time schedules should be handled properly to avoid juggling projects deadlines. You need to list all the projects started and need to be finished. As you go along and get ideas and techniques to handle preparing, the time schedule will be easier for you.
  2. Target Market – What kind of market are you targeting and want is the trend in the market that offers a good output of services you offer. Getting to know our target market it will be easy for us to start how we will do the marketing for them.
  3. Marketing – How you will market your service offers and medium we will use for effective marketing.
  4. Organizing customer portfolio – As we will be getting some clients, we should make a portfolio for each client. We need to know the background and mostly services they are looking for.
  5. Building relationships with customers – Valuing our clients or customers is like taking care of our family. We need to have good relationships, greet them on some occasions, send emails to remind them if they have work to be done for us. In this way, they will value them and we do good business opportunities for them in the future. Lastly, they can also contribute for us to be known by other clients by endorsing us.


As a beginner freelancer, you have to make a portfolio of your own to attract clients or customers. It includes any other relevant information how clients will trust you to do business or freelance services to you. It includes achievements, awards or projects you have done from the past.

Include also your positive perspective as a freelancer and doing business with clients. That a client will get a proactive quality satisfying output on the services you offer. You don’t need to indicate the long list of your achievements but the highlighted and most experiences that make you differ and unique to other freelancers.

Top 10 Virtual Freelancer Jobs Site

  1. Freelance.com

The site provides you a wide range of freelance jobs. Since the validation of the member is important for the site runner, every member to apply should qualify the data completely and validate thru bidding of the projects.

  1. Upwork.com

Established in 2003, in California, the site has worked as the provider information for freelancers. The applicant will search the jobs offered based on his qualification, then the process of registration is started.

  1. Fiverr.com

It is such a professional site which provides a variety of freelance jobs, from music, field, design, writing, to digital market.

  1. Toptal.com

This site network hires freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers for his or her most vital projects

  1. Crowdsource.com

This site offers the services providing clients with on-demand access to a talented and scalable workforce based talent to deliver content, moderation and transcription solutions to enterprise clients worldwide.


Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts being Excellent. Doing freelancing jobs is not the same as getting regular jobs. It is the way you are doing a business with your own passion. Offering the services that you love to do it and share to others. Helping out to improve their businesses with your creative and professional way. It is not looking for easy money but earning the easiest way on your own resources and enjoyable way.

Being a boss of your own, freelancers have more control over their work and can negotiate rates on a project basis. They can work anywhere with flexibility schedules. They have the opportunity to advance their career path and develop new skills in new work challenges since it is a project based job. Freelancers are more secure in terms of employment. It is a long – term career path. No age limit, no gender to choose and no work experience needed to start with. It is your own choice to walk in the path that you are happy doing it at the same time earning unlimited depends on the monetary goals you set for yourself.

In another study, freelancing is the primary source of income for people across the globe. This is the most flexible way of working that offers tremendous opportunity to businesses.

Now that you have an idea to do freelancing, so go on! Make a step.

You might find this post useful, feel free to have a browse and leave me a comment or send me an email to info@hireonlinefreelancer.com so that I know what you need and I’ll make a point of covering it.

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