Freelancing Websites – Top 5 Review

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When you are a Newbie Freelancer, finding the first clients and jobs are overwhelming experiences.  It will be a great accomplishment for your personal life. Did you know that there’s a lot of freelancing websites for beginners that you can find your FIRST client as Online Freelancer?

When I was starting as a freelancer, I looked for  freelancing jobs in Indeed. I set up my Indeed account to send me updates everyday for freelancing jobs. Whenever I find an open job posting for Freelancing Jobs, I send right away my application. Lucky, I got my first freelancing jobs from Indeed. The company is based in Canada.  Too much excitement!

I was hired while I am working as Finance Officer to a local company. I am earning Canadian dollars per hour. My start in Online Freelancing is awesome!

These freelancing websites will help you to find a job with whatever skills or speciality you have as a freelancer. When picking the freelancing websites for beginners there are so many platforms to compare. They provide different levels of features, ease to use and performance

My Best 5 freelancing websites:

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Upworks
  4. Freelancer
  5. Fiverr

Indeed indeed.com

This is an employment website related to search engine job listings. Employers can also post their job requirements to look for qualified candidates. These websites are used by all job hunters. Freelancer can use it also as a freelancing website as a beginner.

Here are the basic steps to get a freelance job in Indeed:

  1. Create your free account – all you need is your email address to register after validation you can start job hunting and sending it to prospective employers.
  2. Build your profile or Indeed resume – there are two options to do it, fill up the built in Indeed Resume and upload a designed PDF version of your unique resume or profile. I suggest to do it both for some reason the employer has the option to browse your profile easily when it is built in Indeed Resume and for others they prefer to download the PDF files.
  3. Choose a job that emphasizes freelancing only and send your resume or profile.
  4. Set your email job alerts for freelancing for this site.
  5. Set auto response to get notified your prospective clients right away receiving their notification to your application.

LinkedIn linkedin.com

This is a social network platform for business and professional communities. You need to build connections for you to get noticed. It is a platform to stay up to date with business industries, get to know what is happening and world events. follow and network with influential people. It can be also useful for freelancers looking for freelancer websites for beginners to look for prospective clients.

Here are the basic steps to get a freelance job in LinkedIn:

  1. Create your free accounts –  same as other sign ups you need to have an email address to be signed in and explore to start connecting to influential people.
  2. Build your profile – you need to put a short description about your current profession, summarize your expertise, personal background, details of past and current work experiences, your skills, people’s endorsement about you, accomplishments you have made, your contact and interest.
  3. Start connecting – with this people will notice you, what you are doing and your profession. Doing this you can also send messages to inform them you are interested to connect to learn from and able to help in future. It’s a way of socialization to market and promote your freelancing.
  4. You can browse job opportunities to find freelancing jobs suited to your passion. You have to manage alerts for you to know in email the updated job opportunity. You can browse and save or just apply straight away.

5.You can also join in a group related to your freelancing career. Getting connected with a grouping helps you to lead for prospective clients.

Upworks upwork.com 

This is a website dedicated to connect freelancers and agencies with businesses.

Here are the basic steps to get a freelance job in Upworks:

  1. Creating Profile – your registration also needs your email for validation. After validation, you can start creating a profile. It is free but not all are accepted. It takes 24hours to approve and get you back. You need to indicate your expertise, your rate, availability, projects, employment history, skills and certification. There are some ways for you to approve that I can discuss it here in the future.
  2. Creating a proposal – Don’t make it too short or too long. The simplest but impressive to attract clients with your  work experience and projects is the good idea to get a client.  You can also include here what you like doing that project and you are interested in working with them.
  3. Notification of clients – you will receive notification with a message from the clients in this platform.

Here freelancer is just by a certain service fee charge. For freelancer earnings $0 – $500 a 20% service charge of $500.01 – $10,000.00 a 10%, and $10,000.01 – more a 5% service charge that they are imposing.

Freelancer freelancer.com

From its brand name, this is also a platform for freelancers. The oldest platform since 2003, one of the World’s biggest outsourcing destinations.

Here are the basic steps to get a freelance job in Freelancer

  1. Creating a profile – same as other processes you have to use your email and validate. After validation, you need to work out on your profile. You should put the summary of your profession and expertise.
  2. Finding clients on a platform – there are 13 categories you can choose the clients you are looking for. All you have to do is bid. Giving the clients your rate offer, days you can work on it and describing why clients need to choose you in their project. same with Upwork, you can send proposals as much as you want.
  3. Response of client – client will reply on your account. They will start to communicate with you and give some instructions as you go along to the project they assigned to you.

Here after your projects clients will provide background on the project they assigned to you. Transparency with users seeing the nose hours you work. Subscription is flexible with the system being offered in monthly and annual subscription.

Fiverr fiverr.com

This freelancing platform connects to different types of professionals including writers, programmers,  and graphic designers. Freelancers here create their job based on their expertise.

Here are the basic steps to get a freelance job in Fiverr

  1. Create an account – here the process is the same as others need your email so you can register and use it.
  2. Creating Gigs – it’s a way of making them attractive to prospective clients. It’s a way of marketing your services to companies by putting into categories by using keywords that show up in different searches.
  3. Clients will notify you – client will send a message to the same platform and start communicating on the project you will do for them.

This platform values the privacy of both freelancers and employers. They used best anti-fraud and data security measures.it let’s the freelancer and clients to communicate and exchange file into secure  messaging systems on the platform.


Working online can be challenging but without the right tools and freelancing website for beginners, it will be a tough one. Working remotely will gain you more skills, can be a shift to a new career, learning to do your time management, boosting your confidence and believing in yourself makes you a successful freelancer .

Let me know if I help you to figure out what platform you will use. I will love to hear from you soon! Please feel free to leave your comments and email so I can update you on my next post. Keep safe!



  1. hello Lyn,

    Great article you have there. And well researched too. I especially like your writing style and flow of thoughts.

    I have not tried Upworks yet but i have to. I believe this is a website dedicated to connect freelances and agencies with businesses. Well, i hope it works as good as it says.

    I use fiverr regularly though.

    All the best ahead.


    • Thank you. There are so many websites can be use but it depends on your strategy to attract clients. 

  2. Hi. I want to start my freelancer career but I have been overwhelmed with the options I have been using to get started. I also have been trying to write descriptions and things like that to my bio in a couple of freelance platforms I’ve joined, but I seem to not get noticed. I’ll definitely try these sites you suggested starting by Indeed. Thank you very much!

  3. Great information on freelance platforms. I am a Fiverr seller and freelance blog and article work. I have been there since 2012 and its a cool plarform. I also use Linked In. What’s your experience with Upwork? I have an account but never used it. You have put together some useful information on some higher level freelance sites. Very useful especially in the days we are in today. Thanks

  4. Hey i’m not a freelancer but I’ve used before Fiverr before and it was a great help being able to hire someone to do the things i could not. Your information here is very accurate and well received, this will help others to find and purchases quality services. I thank you.

  5. I like to call myself as an entrepreneur instead of freelancing, lol. It is just sounds way much better. Anyways, thanks for sharing all the 5 websites. As we all know it is important for us to find a way to make income as much as we can because his type of freelancing jobs are very unpredictable (mostly seasonal). I love Indeed too. I find Fivrr and Upwork to be a bit complicated and such a high competition, that is just my preference though. My Linkedin account is always up to date as well, as we all know that there are many potential employers out there and also a way for you to connect with people from the same industry. I’ve never tried Freelancer before but I will b sure to check it out.

  6. Hello there! this review is an amazing and unique one. I am sure the informations you provide here will be beneficial to any reader who come across it. I recently recommended “freelancers” to a friend who was complaining about not been paid by opera news for months after writing series of articles. She is now earning well with freelancer.

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