Most in Demand Freelancing Jobs Online

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No one could have ever imagined that our lives would turn upside down since the first day when COVID-19 virus shattered the world. A midst of panic, fear and lock down due to coronavirus many of us have lost our jobs, struggling for living and some start working at home. During this lock down period, you can be productive while staying at home. In my small way, I want to share and help how people can have ideas to start freelancing jobs online.

You probably have tons of the in-demand skills already but don’t even know it. Every day many people and companies are looking for some individuals who can help and do the work for them even in online freelancing and willing to pay for it.

My post will give idea on what kind of freelancing jobs online you can offer. Anywhere in the world you can do the following most in demand freelancing jobs online.

Writing Jobs

People who do writing jobs include writing blog posts for other people, writing websites content for businesses, proofreading, and plenty of general typing jobs. A most in demand freelancing job online is copywriter and proofreading. If you can write well and put your ideas into words, then start as a freelance writer. From the start it will be difficult but with practice and experience, you can charge a good rate for your articles.

Your competitiveness depends on how strategic, systematic, reliable, you have great communication skills and confident on your write-ups.

Virtual Assistant

If you love doing administrative work then you can be a Virtual Assistant. They are the one monitoring emails, doing some data entry work, scheduling social media posts, or processing payments and chasing invoices. Your ability to organize meetups, implementing strategies and managing people.

To be a competitive Virtual Assistant, you should be reliable, have good communication skills, time management well implemented, strategic, resourceful, multitasking, and have a quality of leadership and marketing skills.

Here are some services offered by virtual assistants:

  • Email Management
  • Project Management
  • Pinterest Marketing Assistant
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Virtual Research Assistant

Design Jobs

If you are a person who is creative and loves arts, freelance design jobs can be suitable for you. They offer designing of logos, flyers, creating websites, photography and so on.

In this modern world, the graphics industry is rapidly growing due to the requirements to deliver better communication. This is a very competitive job but if you have a great online portfolio you can win lots of clients.

Designing jobs one can find in graphics industry as follows:

  1. Multimedia designer
  2. Web designer
  3. Logo designer
  4. Brand identity designer
  5. Photo Editor
  6. Layout Artist
  7. Creative Director

Your passion, being creative. problem solving, communication skills and working knowledge of computers and designing software will equip you to be more competitive. Imagine a world without graphics all are plain, black and white.


The internet has opened a replacement array of freelance translation opportunities.
New technologies have made it easier for people to succeed in specific audiences in their native tongue, therefore the internet is becoming more and more multilingual. Some articles and blog posts that need to be translated to put more detailed technical pieces. Digital technology doesn’t just stop with blogs and articles. People need games, apps, videos, social media content and digital ads that need to be translated every day.

A great freelance translator needs to have strong listening, reading comprehension and writing skills. You must be also highly skilled in communication in different styles in both the source language and the language you are translating into. You must translate as smoothly as possible but also keep it as true to the original style as possible.

Social Media Management

You have the skills and knowledge about different social media platforms. These platforms are a bit complicated and overwhelming. Around the world people are using social media to interact and grow their online business. Nowadays, celebrities and influential people hire social media managers to promote their projects, movies and events.

To grow the business online and promote you have someone to handle it. The goal is to bring more sales, more business, more connections, and so on. A person who can manage social media strategies and maintain social media accounts.

As social media manager, you are responsible for raising brand awareness, growing their audience, engaging with their audience (reply to queries and comments), running ads, and creating progress reports.

Affiliate Marketing

You will earn by commission in promoting products and services of others. Here you are the key to attract people to buy the products and services that you are promoting. There are lots of affiliate marketing platforms that you can register.

Some common examples of these networks are:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. ShareASale
  3. Awin
  4. Linkshare
  5. Clickbank.com

One of my favorite affiliate marketing networks where I am a Premium member, is Wealthy Affiliate. I will love to lead and share my experiences in the best way you can earn passive income. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliates, please click the link or the photo below and register now! I will love to welcome and guide you for your online business.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Working as a bookkeeper requires a good understanding of numbers and should be detailed oriented. All businesses need a bookkeeper. They do recording, analyzing and balancing the financial aspects of the business. Nowadays, there are so many online accounting systems or software used by some companies like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and so on. They hire bookkeepers to do the online work. The owner is giving them an account to access also the main account of their business. The details are sent to their freelance bookkeeper’s email. All details will be encoded in the software to update the recording so the owner or the end users can see the real time posting and reports that it will generate.

My experience as a virtual bookkeeper inspired me to look for more clients in online freelancing platforms as my part-time job. In your own free time, you can finish all the tasks they assigned. They are paying you in per hour work so it will not be a hassle if you are busy working in your regular job.


Your passion and strong determination to earn income anywhere you are or just staying at home keeps you to be a successful online freelancer. The important thing is that you need to be mindful of your competition. Be different. Stand out!

If you don’t know anyone who can help you, please feel free to hit me up info@onlinefreelancer.com or you can subscribe and leave an email to my website and leave your comments so I can reply you back. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to help you.



  1. This is a very informative aritcle. Unfortunately it is true and many have lost jobs but the internet is one solutuion that may work for you.

    Lots of work from home ideas for a wide range of people.

    Affiliate marketing is bound to grow as sales on the internet increase and so this is my choice. Excellent training is found on the site you mention. So whether a complete beginner or you have a little or a lot of experience this site is well worth looking at. 

  2. Becoming an online freelance writer/blogger is a great way to earn. I’m sure that there are other freelance jobs offered online, but being a writer myself, this form of making money would interest me the most. Making money online is serious business. Wealthy Affiliate is serious business and will teach you how to earn. Keeping yourself busy working online as a freelancer is the way to go during this time of covid 19. You just have to watch out for the scams. Nothing available outside the home, so working online doing freelance work is what most people are doing now. And having a selection of online freelance jobs to nice to get involved with.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. That’s is true lots of SCAMs are going on online. People should be aware of what platform they will go to and subscribe to. Wealthy Affiliate is good to be in for the value they are giving to their subscribers. Have a good day!

  3. You have a wide range of computer related jobs that we can do without worrying about needing a regular job.  I am particularly interested in the freelance writing.  Other than my affiliate work at Wealthy Affiliates, that sounds appealing to me.  I am good at writing, and I am interested on how to make that skill earn me money in freelance writing.

    • Hi Anthony, there are lots of platform that might help you to be a freelancer writer. Just keep patient looking on it and sending profiles to them, you will get it soon. Wish you all the best!

  4. There are some great ideas in here for working from home and I think people should be seriously considering it right now as you say in the current environment. I was struck by the depth of the jobs you wrote about from writing to social media to personal assistant. You actually sold it so I believed I could do some of them!

    I think with a good profile and marketing skills through maybe linkedin it could really work well for people. They would need marketing skills I think. A great article.

    • Hi Phil, it helps me a lot to be flexible in work not only as bookkeeper but some hidden artistic talents for social media post. You are a good marketing strategy will be the key to make them successful as Freelancer.

  5. This is a very interesting post  because it clearly shows how many opportunities there are for those that work from home, and lost their jobs. You are absolutely correct that many individuals have many talents or experience that can be monetized. This article can give most people that read it , Hope! I will forward your post to others. Thank you.


    • In our pandemic situation, some people lost their jobs and getting depressed so make a post for people to think that there are opportunities for them to work at home.

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