How to be a Freelancer in Online jobs?

Waking up early, fast breakfast and rushing to work, long queues, bumping people to public transportation when you are commuting to work. Stuck in traffic when we are driving. This is the reality of the employed routine of people. Work is a blessing that we need to value. But we have body and mental health also to be taking care of as well. Getting a freelance online job helps me to balance my work and time for my health, giving more time for my family, continuous learning and meeting people around the world!

Getting decisions to level up and make dreams come true isn’t easy same as getting clients to do freelancing online jobs. Make a step! Learn and be equipped to be a freelancer. Don’t doubt your capabilities instead think about what is the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME of trying something new. Let’s start and make it happen!

Steps to Become a Freelancer

  • Find your interest.
  • Be organized.
  • Willing to learn.
  • Looking for clients
  • Using social media

Find your Interest to be a Freelancer

We can start anything, if we know what services will be offered to our clients. Nowadays, there are companies offering and posting freelancing online jobs. This is the easy way to get clients but not all so lucky to get one. Being a freelancer you should know how to build yourself and know how you will convince your clients. You should be smart to highlight your experiences and portfolios.

First, think about what you love to do, excite you and enjoy doing it. Second, make a research about what people are looking for, so you will get some ideas from it. Creating a list of niches is the best way to guide you on what services you will offer.

Here are some questions that might help you:

  1. What most experience you have to offer a service?
  2. What most enjoyable works that you do?
  3. What do the clients looking for?
  4. What are the trend services in the market?
  5. Who will be the ideal clients?

You need to be persistent! You have to know how to market and value yourself!

Be Organize Freelancer

Organizing your work schedule is very important as a freelancer. Freelancing is getting more clients and doing it in your own time schedule. Of course, you don’t want to joggle up and don’t meet the deadlines for certain projects. This is how you will handle your clients, manage service offers, invoices and payments schedules. Time management will be a great help to achieve the outcome that we want.

Freelancing offers a lot of flexibility but making daily routine or schedules make more productivity on your work. Your clients know when they will be able to reach you and when projects to be done. This is the biggest challenge! However, as you find methods that actually work for you, it will save your time and make things to be done.

Willing to learn and improve the skills

The more you learn, the more experience you will get, the better you get the more value it adds. Starting freelancing takes more time to improve your skills and bit more nerve-wracking to find new clients. As long, you go along with the flow, then you will find out what needs to improve so clients will stay coming back. They may also recommend you to some friends and family. Freelancing requires a lot of work and time to earn a good income but it satisfies to do what you truly love.

There is no better way to market, promote yourself and be proud of what you do! Your skills and experiences are VALUABLE.

Looking for Freelance Online Client

When we start Freelancing, it can seem like impossible to find the first client. The following ideas might help you:

  1. Setting up your own Website.
  2. Promote it to your family and friends
  3. Tap you existing network (people you see on a weekly basis such as classmates, colleagues, professors, past bosses etc.)
  4. Post in Social Media
  5. Contact local agencies.

Yes! There are lots of ways of getting clients. Whichever you go, you’re getting work and utilizing people’s network. You just have the courage to first step to do it and believe in your capabilities. It will result in amazing as you go along with it.

Using Social Media

We are in millennial time, everything is just a click away! Although we need to put effort into planning and hard work for doing the freelancing. Social Media will help us find clients, platforms and training for us. It will help us to promote your freelancing business and make it easier for clients to reach you out.

Take your time to make connections and build genuine relationships. Give more than you take and be willing to help others.


Making consistent earning is probably the number one goal of a newbie freelancer. You don’t want to know everything about Freelancing but you just need to learn how to make good income in Freelancing online in enjoyable ways. It’s never easy! But as long as you go to start it, you will see how it will make big changes to your personal and financial life. You should work hard in the early days if you want to see positive results. You should find your own motivation to keep moving forward in hard days too. Freelancing online jobs is the same as doing businesses. It takes some time to generate good earnings later you will get paid even if you don’t work harder as you do in the early stage.

Freelancing online jobs don’t require a degree but it requires courage, dedication, loving and having fun on the things that you do. You don’t have to be an expert at anything to start. You will definitely learn all the required skills in your journey. Don’t give up what you have started, improve skills and implement what you have learned too.

Are you able to make changes in your life? Are you willing to start to be a freelancer online? Make your decision now.


About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my site!

My name is Merlyn but you can call me Lyn. I have been a Bookkeeper for almost more than 10 years. I am enjoying my work but too tired traveling to my workplace and tied-up on my work schedule. I want to quit my job and look for alternative ways to earn working at home or anywhere with my own time schedule.

Being a Freelancer

I get clients from referral of a friend, that’s how I started freelancing bookkeeping. It’s good that I have locally done manual bookkeeping here in the Philippines. It’s really tiring to travel on clients and do time management for it. Sometimes clients will not pay you on time  so I have to wait and go back again to the next schedule of bookkeeping. This experience didn’t satisfy me as a freelance bookkeeper. Then I do some research and study about online bookkeeping and freelancing jobs. This time I got one Canadian company base who hired me as a virtual bookkeeper. I enjoy the job I am working at because I can do it in my free time at the comfort of my home and makes me happy.

Doing the job you love and makes you happy.

If you are a person like me, looking for a job that you can do from home, my site will guide you on how you will start and how you can earn. No age limit, no gender to choose, no work experience needed. Yes! All you need are an internet connection, laptop or desktop, determination to learn new things and faith in yourself that you could do something better.

There is no overnight luck to get what you want . Your dedication, perseverance and time management will help you to reach your goal and get more clients.

As long as you can offer a service where you do not need to physically be in the client’s office then you are a Virtual Freelancer, you are virtually assisting them with their requests, tasks and projects.

It’s your choice, it’s your time and greatest of all, you are the boss.Chill. Just focus on delivering great work and reap the good results of your hard work.

Wish you all the best!